Modern Rajkumari – is new luxury silk collection by Élan for Eid ul Azha. In unstitched from, this catalog reflects that what kind of attitude a princess has if she exists. 10 new designs and once again the ball is in court of Elan right after the unstitched silk collection pre booking. Yes! with few minutes all designs are sold out at Elan official website, Wow such a amazing creativity Khadijah Shah has. Let’s back to the topic, with mesmerizing digital prints, beautiful juxtapose of patterns and most vibrant colors, This festive season, Elan Silk collection is giving unique blend of nature intermixed into modern art and style. Which further enhanced by customized laces and intricate motifs. Elan silk catalog 2016-17 is gorgeous range iof three-piece suits  with the sparkle, glitz and glamour. In which The designer has tried to portray the modern lifestyle with its cuts and trims.

In fact, Khadijah shah has linked modern women with age old princes and beautifully translated the modern women consciousness for fashion through her versatile unstitched silk suits. Being a luxury label, Elan has took step to launch debut silk collection as ‘Modern Rajkumari’; in which jewel inspired prints, ethnic motifs, dynamic colors and exotic landscape have been perfectly modified in signature style. Silk collection Photo-shot has been taken at Udaipur – Rajhastan. This collection is particularly designed for dinner parties and  evening function and to show us forgotten era with new charm and glamour. Let’s look at Elan Unstitched Silk Collection for Eid-ul-Azha 2016 which is priced between 10,950 to 12,000 Pkr.
Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 1 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 2 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 3 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 4 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 5 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 6 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 7 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 8 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 9 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 10 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 11 Modern-Rajkumari-Elan-Unstitched-Silk-Collection-2016-with-Prices 12