After the great appreciation of Women’s eid catalog, now J. | Junaid Jamshed introduced Styles of Distinction Men’s Eid Collection 2016. This time Junaid Jamshed is offering wide range of Kurta’s. Waiscoats, Suits and accessories like Peshawari Chappal or Denim Shoes for Teen, Kids, Toddlers to men and boys. Styles of Distinction is bringing fresh looks of eastern attires with refined quality and signature style of Junaid Jamshed. In which different colors have been teemed up with fabric sewing artistry and embroidery designs. In Kurta shawlar, J.J has offered very distinct tailored kurta and kamees with ban collar and two piece collar. For more unique look a la mode waist coats have been designs to pair with these kurta suits. Further hand stitched footwear keeps to manage your look cultural and traditional.
Interpretation of these menswear trends, Junaid Jamshed is truly seamless, given their alluring diversity and the magnificent styles with cultural definition in Junaid Jmashed Men’s Eid ul Azha Collection 2016-17. So get ready to present yourself a trend conscious, aesthetic inspired and cultural men and break the common trends by giving your child same look like you. Wear Style of distinction by Junaid Jamshed available in stores and leading shops.
This year, Junaid Jamshed mens eid collection features…
Teen in Vogue, Classy Kids, Eastern Royalty, Luxe Kurtas, Invincibly Grand, and Waiscoats are A La Mode. Each and every section of menswear catalog defines different age groups and give them to wear style statement pieces.

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