When it comes to get traditional cum contemporary fashion; then Kayseria always remain in my Kaseria-Pure-Harmony-Eid-Dress-Collection-2016-17-Vol-2 1obsession. It always a pleasant surprise when i get to know that Kayseria is going to launch new collection for any occasion. I feel relaxed that now i will get some extraordinary unique and fascinating ideas for my especial moment. This festive i am feeling lucky because Kayseria has announced to launch ‘Pure Harmony’ Eid collection 2016. In which it is going to add some enchanting concepts for energetic women’s who are really anxious for formal wears. Kaseria Eid Collection II Pure Harmony will be based on sheer fabrics, rich detailing and fine textures. Let’s check out That what Kayseria is bringing us to surprise this eid ul adha festival.

Kaseria Pure Harmony Eid Dress Collection 2016-17 Vol-2

Kaseria Eid Collection II 2016-17 includes Brocade / Jaquard, Tissue, Raw Silk and Banarasi fabrics covered with intricate thread embroidery. With silky finish, Kayseria has used chic color scheme in its upcoming eid dresses to make a perfect example of oriental fashion. Apart from thread work, Kayseria has used tassel, laces and gotta on necklines and bottom of the dress to give million dollar look. Whereas Tulip Pants, Bell Bottom, & lovely lehenga are some utterly feminine fashion tips in new eid dress collection.

This Eid-Ul-Adha, Once again kayseria has paid timeless tribute to our traditions and handicrafts with digital prints. In fact for loyal customers, Kayseria has tried to put some valuable designs that make them eye catchy persona on eid occasion.
Here is the complete eid catalogue by Kayseria which portray your zeal and love for the festival through its rich colors and glamorous detailing.

Kaseria Eid Collection II Pure Harmony

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