Fashion means prevalent trend, especially in style of the dress. Fashion is always optimizing, slightly ambiguous and extremely irresistible. Fashion has been reviving all over the world rapidly by the time, the old is new and the new is old. Vintage fashion is also coming back in anew wave as people tend to save and buy new expensive fashion wear. And In Pakistan we have several distinct places where we can get unique, high-end and chic attires. Such as ZS Textiles strive to strike a fine balance in bringing the best to their customers while keeping the aesthetic sense intact. They produce high quality, lively and innovative designer attires and serve us hearty. Recently, Zs textiles has announce to launch Mahrukh Pure Embroidery Chiffon Collection on 26th August. Which features 5 luxury design in two colors and 3 designs in single colors

MAHRUKH Pure Chiffon collection is designed with keeping femininity, culture and classic appeal in mind. Because every girl wants a balance and attraction in het dress. So Zs textiles has tried their best to indulge us in memorable experience of fashion that carries all the qualities which we need in formal wear clothing. MAHRUKH Pure Chiffon Eid ul Azha collection we can see bold colors, brighter tones and floral embellishments as key note. In which eastern and western trims are applicable to impress us in first glance. Mahrukh Pure Embroidery Chiffon Collection by ZS Textiles  is available in 8,000 Pkr prices which is quite affordable for such luxury and elegant outfits. These chiffon suits has quality to be worn as party wear of day wear.
ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 1 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 2 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 3 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 4 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 5 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 6 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 7 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 8 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 9 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 10 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 11 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 12 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 13 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 14 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 15 ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 17ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 16  ZS-Textiles-Mahrukh-Formal-Chiffon-for-Eide-ul-Azha-2016-17 18