Nishat linen is most sophisticated, economical and impressive brand of Pakistan. It is know as epitome of style due to wonderful ideas of fashion. Every women feel pride to wear Nisha fabrics because it gives them high-end style with unique and classy twist. Nishat linen is popular to add grace, dignity and style in closet. So let’s impress others with Nisha Sawan Unstitched Catalog 2016 which will be in store from tomorrow.
Nishat is celebrating the nature with its glorious beauty in Nisha Sawan Collection 2016. In latest midsummer collection, Nishat has focused on Digital prints and brought with mesmerizing customization. Such as use of floral patterns with abstracts, vase, orchid, leaf, sand effect etc etc. In fact Nishat has worked on natural selection to reflect the freshness of sawan through its designing chemistry.