Sapphire is going to introduce the most-coveted unstitched eid collection of the season in latest festive catalog. With sleek fabrics and beautifully crafted lawn complimented with luxurious silk dupatta; this festive catalog includes 7 masterpieces. Sapphire’s new festive collection celebrates the the feminine dissenter, the one who is free in soul and spirit. Oversized floral symbolize the girl day-dreamer and the romance of her wild heart. She travels endlessly, journeying into the secret of love with her dreams on her sleeve, and her head high for the world to see.

Sapphire’s eid collection is like a love letter that celebrate beauty , peace and innate femininity. The collection’s narrative is defined both by luxury, but also a casual collective, using blazing colors and a bold aesthetic that is quintessentially Sapphire. Several inspirations feed into the eid collection. Because Khadijah Shahjahan wanted to be a literal depiction of the beauty in love. Overall, Latest eid lawn collection is meant to visually and conceptually be an arresting drama’ one where through every aspect, the Sapphire women’s beauty bloom.

Sapphire new eid collection 2017 indulge you in the epitome of luxury with subtle approach to girlish feel embodied in an array of bold bloom and plush fabrics.

Sapphire Eid Collection 2017 Price Chart